Ruger PC Carbine Autoloading Rifle Models




Ruger Pc Carbine Canada 9MM 16.12″ BARREL 10-ROUNDS

The Canadian variant of the Ruger PC Carbine is intricately designed, blending ruggedness with a sleek, modern aesthetic. As with a finely tuned tool, its cold hammer-forged, chrome-moly steel barrel delivers exceptional accuracy, while the durable synthetic stock ensures both comfort and durability. Its design reinforces ease and integrity, with easy disassembly and compact storage features that make it ideal for transportation, whether for travels or a day at Badlands Airsoft.


Topping the roster of remarkable carbine rifles, the Ruger PC Carbine serves as a testament to innovation and adaptability in the ever-evolving landscape of firearms. Renowned for various models, like the Ruger SP101, rimfire Ruger, Ruger American® Pistol, and in some cases, the pistol sr1911, Ruger shines again with the exceptional Ruger PC9, a type of pistol caliber carbine. This tool is well-regarded in the firearms community for its strength and longevity, maintaining the precision of knives and the force of axes while preserving its operational integrity with ease. Blinking into action, you’ll find its contour barrel and handguard aiding in the reliability of this tool.

Design and Build

In the ever-increasing target range of different calibers, the standout feature of the Ruger PCC is its adaptability. Initially chambered in 9mm, this top-tier carbine-type rifle with an action-ready handguard can accommodate other popular calibers with a simple switch of components, promoting ease and integrity of use.

This thoughtful design targets adults by featuring a reversible magazine release and an ambidextrous charging handle, catering to both right and left-handed shooters. The controls enhance the overall shooting experience, making it accessible for individuals with varying expertise levels. Moreover, it comes with a compact magazine that works seamlessly with the assembly for enhanced handling.

Whether for home defense, range shooting, or competition, the Ruger PC Carbine consistently delivers a spectacular performance. The free-floated barrel ensures remarkable accuracy. The integrated Picatinny rail offers ample space for customization with optics and accessories, allowing users to personalize this 9mm rifle to their specific needs.

Versatility in Caliber:

Available in countless stores, the Ruger PC Carbine transcends different rifle types while maintaining its top-class standing through the changing firearm laws. It possesses a unique blow weight that enhances recoil, weight management, and target consistency. Embodying the blow action technique, this carbine guarantees superior performance. Its innovative touch, coupled with a well-engineered magazine feed lips assembly featuring an intuitive magazine release button, sets this popular 9mm carbine apart, elevating it to top-tier cases.

When it comes to the varied categories of firearms, the seamless search menu offered by Ruger’s product registration offers a reset on your understanding of firearm selection. This user-friendly tool provides a sense of responsibility for both seasoned firearm owners and newcomers alike, instilling security-380 level peace of mind. It provides comprehensive insights into the Ruger PC Carbine Canada, detailing features such as a light, crisp trigger pull and ambidextrous controls. The model boasts a 16.12″ threaded/fluted barrel, specially rimfire optimized, with unique rifling and 1/2″-28 threads, including a thread protector.

MODEL PC Carbine
TYPE Semi Auto Rifles
UPC 736676191024

ruger pc carbine canada

User-Friendly Controls

In terms of modularity, the PC Carbine is top of the line, providing enthusiasts with a vast platform for customization. The flexibility enables the Ruger PC Carbine’s tailoring to match individuals’ preferences, either with the contour barrel or other components, and shooting styles with ease. This modularity enhances the aesthetic appeal of the firearm and allows users to optimize performance based on their unique needs.

Accuracy and Performance

The Ruger PC Carbine comes with a CNC-milled aerospace-grade 7075-T6 aluminum billet receiver. This includes an integrated Picatinny rail and adjustable ghost ring rear and blade front sights. These elements contribute to the rifle’s longevity and steady bolt travel during operation, fostered by its robust blow action mechanism. The Carbine, with its firm firing grip, boasts a crisp trigger pull and ambidextrous controls, contributing to its operational integrity. Amid the crowded market of pistol-caliber carbines, the American-made PC  stands tall, fending off any possible separation—it’s a top-notch firearm that combines reliability, accuracy, and unique features. As an example, it limits muzzle rise, utilizes a lever for more efficient operation, and even offers accessories like a suppressor.If you find yourself to be a seasoned officer or shooter, a responsible wielder of firearms, looking for a trustworthy side-arm, or a newbie looking for a jump-start into the vibrant world of firearms, including shotguns and other types, the PC is an appealing choice. This product set to be your companion in the line of duty or one for leisurely uses, akin to animated tools on a carefully constructed chassis, guarantees an unparalleled shooting experience. There are several variations to this carbine, provided by Ruger; a leading brand in the industry.Available in multiple models, each with its eye-catching design, user-oriented features, and modularity, this carbine affirms Ruger’s commitment to excellence in the realm of firearms. An impressive addition to their range is the CNC-milled aerospace-grade 7075-T6 aluminum billet receiver, an integral item that can also be considered a key ingredient for control manipulation. This essential part of the  PC Canada model ensures precise separation of components for maintenance. This superior firearm, adorned with unique muzzle accessories, exemplifies Ruger’s industry-leading innovation with its integrated Picatinny rails and adjustable ghost ring rear and blade front sights.

Modularity and Customization

The PC Canada, housed within a sturdy case, ships with SR-Series Pistol and Security-9 magazine well installed. It shows compatibility not only with Glock-compatible magazines but also semi-automatic shotguns, another salient aspect that sets it apart from other competitive brands on the firearm market.

As firearm owners would attest, barrel length, caliber, capacity, condition, finish per color, and part numbers are of paramount importance. The manufacturer’s specifications for the Ruger PC Carbine Canada are no exception. The carbinetm ar-556, non-restricted Canadian variant, mirrors Ruger’s exceptional attention to detail with a distinctive design featuring a 9mm 18.6 barrel with intricate barrel fluting that ensures increased cooling and weight reduction during use.

Tracing back to its history, the Ruger  has proudly retained its repute since the reintroduction of the upgraded 9mm takedown model over ten years ago. Ensuing the unveiling of its Pistol Caliber  product description on December 29, 2017, the newer models with a threaded barrel measuring 16.12-inch (409mm), fostered by Ruger’s unwavering commitment to adaptability and reliability, continue to affirm the brand’s strive towards excellence.

The RUGER®  meticulously designed, stands out in the crowd of rails laden firearms. It is intended to function with, one wouldn’t have guessed, factory-loaded 9mm Luger (Parabellum) or .40 Auto ammunition as per U.S. standards. Ruger’s design methodology, meticulous to all categories of firearms from the ChargerTM SR22 to Ruger-5.7, reveals their attention to materials and components that align with the methods and safety standards expected by the industry.

An item worth highlighting is the Ruger® Autoloading Rifle Model 19102. This model stands out as it ships with a 10-round magazine specifically catering to customers in states with restricted magazine capacity. Moreover, its interchangeable magazine wells for common Ruger® and Glock® magazines amplify its value amongst firearm owners countrywide. As a models distributor exclusive, the Ruger brand maintains a reputation in producing firearms that fit CA pistols’ regulations ensuring all their products meet varied standards. These include specific models designed for target hunter competition, such as the acclaimed Crossfire II.

In the fiercely competitive market of pistol-caliber carbines, the  PC  continues to tower above its competitors. Whether you’re an experienced sportsperson hunting in diverse terrain or an enthusiast preparing for a target hunter competition, the innovative design, user-friendly features, and modularity promise an unparalleled shooting experience. Its popularity is arguably unrivaled thanks to Ruger’s commitment to producing high-quality, reliable firearms that cater to the needs and preferences of a wide range of users. Among these versatile models, Ruger’s distribution exclusives, including the ChargerTM SR22, Ruger-5.7, and the Crossfire II – sporting an optics rail as standard, continue to uphold Ruger’s reputation for quality and reliability.
It’s important to note their commitment to serving all types of customers, from men to women, beginners to professionals. Whether you’re in the market for centerfire rifles or a more straightforward pick from their stocks, they’ve got something for everyone.

As a dedicated provider, Ruger guarantees consistent availability of their rifles, including centerfire models, in store for immediate order. The Ruger® PC  Autoloading Rifle Model 19102 caters specifically to consumers living in states that limit magazine capacity, shipping with a 10-round magazine. This model’s unique features include interchangeable magazine wells for the use of common Ruger® and Glock® magazines. Ships with SR-Series™/Security-9® pistol magazine well installed and includes an additional magazine well that accepts Glock® magazines. For Ruger customers seeking a single-shot rifle, models like the Ruger Vaquero, the Super Wrangler, and the Crossfire II – a favorite among men in target hunter competition participants, are always available in their expansive stocks.

Is Ruger PC Carbine restricted in Canada?

In the competitive market of pistol-caliber carbines, the  PC  continues to stand tall. This beacon of versatility combines reliability, accuracy, and adaptability with features like an optics rail for enhanced precision. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter seeking a reliable firearm like the Max LC380 or a newcomer looking for a foray into the stimulating world of firearms with the Ruger Vaquero or Max-9, the Ruger  pledges an unparalleled shooting experience. This versatility underscores Ruger’s unwavering commitment to excellence in firearms manufacturing, highlighting its exclusive distributor models, including the target-hunter-competition-ready Crossfire II kept in their well-supplied stocks.

What does PC mean in Ruger PC Carbine?

Pistol Caliber Carbines More than ten years later, on December 29, 2017, Ruger announced the reintroduction of a new upgraded 9 mm takedown model called the Ruger PC Carbine. The PC now references the old police Carbine name and the product descriptions calling them Pistol Caliber Carbines, including other models like the Super Wrangler and ChargerTM LCP, which has a 16.12-inch (409 mm) threaded barrel equipped with an optics rail. From these choices, models kept in Ruger’s stocks also include the centerfire Crossfire II, known for its impressive performance in target hunter competitions among men.

Can Ruger PC Carbine shoot P ammo?

The RUGER® CARBINE is chambered for, and designed to properly function with, only factory loaded 9mm Luger (Parabellum) or . 40 Auto ammunition. With standard, high velocity, +P, or +P+ ammunition manufactured to U.S. industry standards, Ruger firearms, including the ChargerTM LCP, the Max LC380, or the Ruger-5.7, are built to maintain their standout performance. Additionally, Ruger is the exclusive distributor of models such as the highly desirable Crossfire II for target hunter competitions. It’s worth taking note that you can confidently order these high-quality models from their stocks in store as per your requirements.

What magazines will a Ruger PC Carbine take?

Ruger® PC Carbine™ Autoloading Rifle Model 19102, equipped with an optics rail for enhanced precision, ships with a 10-round magazine for consumers in states that limit magazine capacity. This model offers interchangeable magazine wells for the use of common Ruger® and Glock® magazines. It ships with the SR-Series™/Security-9® pistol magazine well installed and includes an additional magazine well accepting Glock® magazines. Like the Ruger Carbine, centerfire models such as the Ruger Vaquero, the Max-9, and the Crossfire II, a preferred choice in target hunter competitions among men, comply with these limitations, a testament to Ruger’s commitment to distribute firearms suitable for everyone, even consumers in stricter states. Recall that you can find these firearms and more well-maintained in their stocks.


In the crowded market of pistol-caliber carbines, the PC  remains a beacon of versatility, combining reliability, accuracy, and adaptability. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter seeking a dependable ChargerTM SR22 firearm or a newcomer exploring the world of firearms with models like the Max LC380 or the Ruger-5.7, the  PC promises an unparalleled shooting experience. The innovative design, user-friendly features, and modularity of this carbine underscore Ruger’s unwavering commitment to excellence in firearms, which shines brightly in their exclusive distributor models such as the target hunter competition-ready Crossfire II. Make sure to browse through their diverse stocks and place your order at the nearest Ruger store.

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