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Springfield M1 Garand Canada Rifle – .308 Win., 24″, Surplus



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M1 garand canada RIFLE FEATURES

The M1 Garand, an iconic firearms legend and a predecessor to the M14, that has etched its place in military history during the heat of the Korean War serving both the U.S. Army and Canadian forces. The inventor of this weapon, John C. Garand made marked improvements in its design. This testament to innovation and excellence in firearms design stands as a guidepost for others. In its design one critical component was the gas port operating system, a point of discussion among many fans. Information from various sources indicates that in designing the guns, one critical component was the application of the M1s specially-engineered 16.25″ Parkerized carbon steel barrel. These parts were mated to the gas system with a proprietary muzzle brake. This work in engineering aids in accuracy as the muzzle brake reduces felt recoil and keeps the muzzle rise so flat that follow-up shots, even for beginner shooters, have never been so easy. Its enlarged ghost ring aperture rear sight and XS Tritium Insert in the front sight give the shooter the quick target acquisition capability desired and needed under any conditions, even in battle. If your mission calls for optics, the SOCOM 16 features Springfield Armory’s forward scout-style Picatinny mount.


A Brief History

The M1 Garand, developed by John C. Garand, made its debut in the late 1930s and played a pivotal role during World War II. With its operating rod and eight-round clips, its semi-automatic functionality revolutionized infantry tactics, providing American and Canadian soldiers with a significant edge over their adversaries. The bullet fired from this firearm, the M1, marked a departure from the cartridges used in previous rifles.

Significance in Military History

With its reliability and ability to rapidly fire bullets, the M1 Garand became the standard-issue rifle for the United States military and was also sought after by the Canadians. Its introduction marked a departure from bolt-action rifles, setting a new standard for infantry weapons and giving its users the ability to combat their adversaries more effectively.

II. Design and Features


The M1 Garand boasted a gas-operated, semi-automatic design, a departure from the manual bolt-action rifles of its time. The eight-round en bloc magazine was a revolutionary feature, allowing soldiers to maintain sustained fire without manually reloading, a process often dreaded by many shooters, after each shot.

Key Features

The M1 Garand was also known for its distinctive features like its rugged stocks and high accuracy. Its wooden stock and distinctive ping sound when the clip was ejected became synonymous with American firepower and represented a significant shift in the world of warfare.

Historical Context

Understanding the historical backdrop of its development sheds light on the necessity that birthed this groundbreaking firearm. The M1-Garand was designed to address shortcomings identified in previous military rifles and to enhance the combat effectiveness of infantry.

III. Performance on the Battlefield

Impact during World War II

The M1 Garand earned its stripes on the battlefields of World War II, providing American troops with a decisive edge in firepower. Its semi-automatic action allowed soldiers to engage the enemy more effectively, contributing to the success of various military campaigns.

Successes and Challenges

While celebrated for its reliability, the M1 Garand, much like other firearms of its era, faced challenges such as ammunition resupply logistics, cartridge reloading, and its weight. Despite these hurdles, it has remained an enduring symbol in the world of firearms and military history.Despite these issues, its positive impact on the outcome of battles and wars was undeniable.In many cases, the M1 Garand, a robust rack-grade weapon, played a crucial role on the battlefield, proving to be a decisive game-changer, signifying the end of enemy forces in its field of action. This rifle, capable of holding an eight-round en bloc clip in its chamber, became a trusted ally, an invincible force in the hands of soldiers packing it with government issued ammo.

Influence on Subsequent Designs

The success of the M1 Garand influenced the design philosophy of subsequent rifles, both within and outside the United States. Its ammo chamber and en bloc clip feature were innovative in itself, prompting other firearm designers to up their game. Elements of its design, such as the en bloc clip and the rack grade quality, can be traced in many modern firearms products. It established a benchmark and set an order, stimulating international harvesters of firearm designs to up their game.

IV. Collectors’ Perspective

Rarity and Value

In the present day, the M1 Garand holds considerable value among collectors. Its scarcity, especially in good rack grade condition, contributes to its desirability. Moreover, the effort placed in a case-by-case restoration, such as accurately restoring the chamber and en bloc clip, can add to its pristine condition. Understanding the factors such as these, including being fitted with correct government issued ammo, that influence its market price is crucial for collectors.

Factors Influencing Collectible Status

The M1 Garand’s collectible status is influenced by factors such as production era, manufacturer, government contracts, and any historical significance attached to a particular rifle. Collectors often seek specific variations such as those linked to major military events or the rare International Harvester variant that add to the rifle’s provenance.

Tips for Maintenance and Preservation

Preserving the M1-Garand’s historical and aesthetic value requires careful maintenance. Ensuring that the ammo chamber is kept clean, and each en bloc clip is in working order is as important as overall cleaning, storing, and handling for this rack grade firearm. Collectors should follow best practices to ensure longevity, as something as small as a misplaced gas cylinder can put the gun at risk.

V. Shooting and Handling

Personal Experiences

Shooting the M1-Garand is an experience that transcends time. The unique satisfaction of hearing the distinct ping of the en bloc clip being ejected after firing the last round of ammo from the eight-round clip is indeed unforgettable. The recoil, accuracy, the way it feels in the hands – these all contribute to its enduring appeal.

Tips for New Users

For those new to the M1-Garand, understanding its unique features such as its chamber that houses the eight-round en bloc clip, is essential. Practical tips on proper shooting stances, loading techniques, handling the ammo, attention to details such as the order of gas cylinder location, and maintenance can enhance the overall shooting experience for any shooter.

Comparisons with Other Rifles

While the M1-Garand, with its rack grade quality and famed en bloc clip design, has left an indelible mark, comparing it with other rifles in its class provides valuable insights. Analyzing its strengths, weaknesses, and price against contemporary firearms offers a comprehensive perspective.

VI. Iconic Pop Culture References

Portrayal in Media

The M1-Garand has made its mark in popular culture through its portrayal in movies, literature, and video games. Its distinctive appearance, innovative design of the ammo chamber and en bloc clip, and historical significance make it a sought-after firearm in various forms of media.

Enduring Influence

The rifle’s presence in iconic moments, whether in war films or historical dramas, continues to fuel its cultural relevance, earning it allies even among filmmakers. The M1 Garand’s role in shaping perceptions of wartime experiences, particularly as it was the main infantry weapon used by the government’s forces, adds to its enduring legacy.


  • Brand: Springfield Armory
  • Category: Tactical Rifles
  • Caliber: 308 Winchester / 7.62 NATO
  • Model: M1A
  • Series: SOCOM 16
  • Action: Semi-Automatic
  • Barrel Length Range: 16.00″ to 17.99″
  • Sights: XS Tritium Post Front, Ghost Ring Rear
  • Capacity: 10 1
  • Muzzle: Muzzle Brake
  • Hand: Right
  • Metal Finish: Black
  • OAL: 37.25″
  • Receiver Material: Steel
  • Safety: Garand
  • Stock Description: Synthetic Black
  • Trigger: Two-Stage
  • Twist: 1:11″
  • Weight: 8.8 lbs
  • Barrel Description: Carbon Steel
  • Barrel Length: 16.25″


.308 Win
New in Box
M1-Garand Rifle
Semi Auto Rifles

m1 garand canada


Everything can be shipped CANADA WIDE through UPS, Canada Post, and CanPar. We do not, however, ship to the USA. This service has its rules. For instance, please be advised, that ammunition, rounds, clips, powder, and primers must all be handled responsibly and in accordance with state regulations. As a rule of thumb, one should always be aware of the bill of regulations that govern the shipping and handling of such items.

Shop m1 garand canada also known as the m1 rifle, is a trusted source of information for some fans and collectors of this iconic service rifle. As quoted by the legendary General George S. Patton, famously referred to as George Patton, in the American Rifleman, it remains a beloved and studied weapon. It is indeed quite the thing to examine and appreciate.

The M1 Garand Community

Online Forums and Communities

Dedicated online forums and communities bring together M1-Garand enthusiasts from around the world. These platforms serve as spaces for sharing stories, discussing restoration projects, providing valuable tips on use, and discussing products related to this firearm, such as correct ammo and en bloc clip sourcing.

Community Engagement

Engaging with the M1-Garand community provides opportunities to learn from seasoned collectors, discover unique firearms, stay updated on government regulations regarding such historic weapons, and test your understanding of factors such as rack grade specifications against other enthusiasts.

VIII. M1 Garand Variants

Overview of Models and Variations

The M1-Garand underwent several modifications and variations throughout its production history. The changes in the ammunition chamber, use of en bloc clips, and rack grade quality are some of the key areas to understand. This knowledge is important for any aspiring collector, shooter or, indeed, history enthusiast.

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